Rabu, 09 Januari 2013

Children Language Acquisition

You are supposed to do all the exercise underneath. Bear in mind your sentences have to comply with grammar rules.

1.      From the way a child acquires grammar in his/her mother tongue, what lessons from this phenomenon can you apply when you teach English as a foreign language?
2.      When a child is in the process of acquiring his/her first language, he/she will encounter linguistic problems. What similar problems does a learner of a foreign language encounter when he/she is learning the foreign language?
3.      Learning from the way parents treat their child who makes mistakes in the process of acquiring his/her first language, how will you treat your students when they make mistakes while learning English?
4.      When a child is acquiring his/her mother tongue, he/she will get some difficulties in certain sounds. What sounds of English which cause Indonesians to have some problems while learning the language?
5.      How can you tell that the development of a child’s first language is in line with the development of his/her cognitive development? Back up your answer with some theories.
6.      Tell about the universality in acquiring and learning a language. Mention things in common in learning and acquiring a language.

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