Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

Assorted Fruits Forest Kampar Riau Indonesia

Apparently Kampar in Riau Indonesian forest who live as thin as onion skin, still has thousands of unique plant species, in the form of fruit trees, flowers and medicinal plants, including Tampui, Looks, Ghidan, Mites, Gombang, Maghone, Putatal, Kalimuntiong, sambughene, baghangan, sharp batimbal and many kinds of other fruit crops. In addition to various types of orchid plants fruit and some Jenin palam forests are still found in forest interior penyasawan, Kampar District in Riau Province of Indonesia State.
From the results of observations we found the fruit-growth plants are fruiting in March until May. We are trying to glorify these fruit crops and start doing the nursery to be used as materials research and application of biotechnology.
For that we expect the advice, information and cooperation from other parties to achieve the conservation of forest fruit trees that have been threatened with extinction due to human greed hand, I hope this benefits us all.

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