Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

The independence period of Curriculums in Indonesia

The independence period of Curriculums in Indonesia
ü  English was taught beginning from JHS
ü  GTM, Dutch English dictionary n course books in Dutch era were used
ü  English class: grammar class, reading was not emphasized, no attention to speaking n writing
ü  Teachers: university students
ü  In 1949, English textbooks began to appear n English- Indonesian dictionary were gradually available.
ü  The central inspectorate of English language instruction was established
ü  The objective of TEFL in Indonesia was spelled: English is the first foreign language n will never be a  social
ü  PKG (PEMANTAPAN KERJA GURU)  is combination between TPR communicative approach
ü  Elmntary school
Children should master their own language first
Local content: start in the 4th grade
e.g Yogya(peraturan walikota)
ü  The portion in every language skills should be different in the school cz the goal of teaching English is influence the students to speak up (different with the role of the government)
ü  GBPP 1968
Starting year
Name of curriculum
GT based curriclum
Grammar trans
Oral approach (audio ling)
Audio lingual
Oral approach (structure based audio currclm)
Audio lingual
Comm. App
Communicative focus on skills, functions n vocab
Meaning basd cur
Competency based curclm

ü  Compared the data, which one is the most successful?
ü  Every curriculum depends on our teaching goal
ü  The goal of learning process should based on the needs of the students
ü  Is there any kinds of need analysis? Participants comes from the stake holder