Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

Ghidan, Forest Fruits of the Forest Penyasawan Kampar Riau

Ghidan is one forest fruit that has begun is hard to find, but once in my childhood ghidan fruit has become our favorite fruit that can be obtained easily in the forest edge, in the season when forest fruits we live cut down the trees. However, because the habits of society that is always cutting trees as a way of harvesting ghidan quickly without considering its causes fruit preservation is now already scarce.
Sunday May 15, 2011 that I got together with members FPIKA make observations to the Forest area Penyasawan Kampar district, Riau, after traveling through the forest areas who live in piles from one area to another area, then we find Ghidan tree was fruitful and ripe. I direct just climbed trees to pick fruit Ghidan, so I picked the fruit ghidan menyicipnya directly turns a distinctive taste and very sweet dilidah directly felt.
One friend said "Try If this is GHidan Fruit Fruit Market, must be much demand." from our conversations came the idea to conduct plant breeding Ghidan. We think to make the plant into tabulampot Ghidan with the application of biotechnology. Some other friends want to make Ghidan as Bonsai plants, because these plants have leaves that are relatively small (mini) and the fruit relatively mini-sized and has a sweet.
Without a doubt we immediately reap the fruits Ghidan and bring him home for food and seeds in my sprouts. Right now we already have some seedlings of forest fruit, then we plan to do the grafting and bud grafting to several types of forest fruit trees including the one Ghidan. May the forest fruit plant breeding efforts are bearing fruit as desired and we would expect advice and support from any party.

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