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You should normally use the official or the generally accepted translation of any institutional term. If appropriate, you can gloss it and, in doing so, indirectly show your disagreement with this official version. Thus Mitbestimmung (in management) has to be translated first as `co-determination'; Rechtsstaat as `constitutional state'. Personally I think `co-determination' is a poor translation of Mitbestimmung though it has the virtue of distinctiveness and brevity. (Compare the plainer but clumsier `employers' and workers' joint management'.) But it is now too late to change the term to `workers' participation', and if you did so in any official or serious informative text, you would cause confusion. Similarly, when translating Gay­Lussac's Volumengesetz der Gase it is no good giving it your own title or even a brief explanation; nothing but the accepted term (`law of combining volumes') will do.
This is a provisional translation, usually of a new institution all term, which shoulc be made in inverted commas, which can later be discreetly withdrawn. It could bi done through literal translation, thus: `heritage language', Erhschaftssprache langue d'heritage.
This is said to occur when loss of meaning, sound-effect, metaphor or pragmatic effect in one part of a sentence is compensated in another part, or in a contiguou: sentence.

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