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By Dan O’Bnen

1. Summary
Tom was being entrapted in a hard situation, where he is being injured. He was on the edge of Spider Creek, which is freezing and his horse, refuse to cross the river. Meanwhile, the injury of tom is a compound fracture of the right femur and unfortunately, it was bleeding.
He wanted to go back from hunting, but had and accident and couldn’t go back to the campground. He was till trying to persuade his horse to across the freezing water.
2. Character
Tom is a hunter. He is an unsurrender / tought person. He is not easy to give up. Even though he was on injure.

3. Theme
A hard situation that Tom’s suffers, because he is entrapted and can’t go back to the campground returning back from hunting.

4. Conflict
The conflict of this story is between Tom and his horse. Tom keeps on persuade it to across the river. But the horse keeps on refusing and doesn’t want to across the horse.

5. The title is the symbol of this story. Because Tom was trying to across the spider Creek. So it is possible of naming the story with crossing Spider Creek.

Written by :
Ari Satria

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