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Teaching English for Elementary School

What lessons can you take from CD Interactive to be applied in teaching English for Elementary School? Back up your answer by rendering some examples.

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  1. name : HIDAYATUL ISMI
    nim : 1286206087

    In my opinion the lessons that can be taken from the interactive CD to be applied in teaching English as a tool to help students master the subjects of English language course and other general subject matter to be fast, fun, and improve the quality of learning outcomes in order to achieve the intended learning .
    With the use of the interactive CD in English language teaching it has become an urgent need for an increase in the ability of the actors, especially education teachers to have skills in designing interactive multimedia to pack a variety of materials in English lessons.
    Applying interactive CD on students in elementary school as a teacher in teaching will be easier and more practical to use. Students will quickly respond with an interactive CD why is that? Because students do not just listen to the delivery of teacher who makes them bored. they will see the images directly from the application of an interactive CD which will add their knowledge is.
    for example: to know the names of the fruit. students will quickly understand by looking at the picture of the CD interktif.siswa application directly know the names of the fruit.

  2. With an interactive CD can help teachers to improve student achievement. This media to attract students to learn a variety of colors and interesting pictures, so that assisting the teacher in presenting the material. With this medium students more easily understand the subject matter. This interactive media to make children more familiar with the English language.

  3. With the these Elementary Learning Interactive CD for students to understand the basic concepts, the general shape of each material and to develop their ability to train students how to think so that it can be used by students to learn independently or teachers in presenting the subject matter in the classroom. Use of the media should be a part that should receive the attention of teachers in any learning activities. instructional media is often overlooked for various reasons, among others: lack of time to make preparations to teach, hard to find the right media, the unavailability of the cost, and others. The use of instructional media in the learning process has the objective to improve the learning process takes place.

  4. lessons that I can take is , that by using interactive CD will make the students to be more quickly understood and understand , then learners will not get bored , because the teacher can use interactive CD play while teaching English to students such .
    ( Zulkifli, PGSD, smstr 5 )

    NIM : 1286206076

    It can be concluded that there difference influence positively to the learning outcomes of students to use it an interactive CD media based animation with students who use media pictorial on subjects of Information and Communication Technology.
    Students will be able to understand and comprehend the lesson,allows teachers to teach and improve the quality of learning.
    Student can speed understand and knowing about this study,getting interest attention of students, CD Interactive this very easy to teacher to teach and practive front of the class.

    NIM : 1286206119

    The studying CD interactive students can easily undarstand .
    materi what which taught teacher .
    whit the existence CD iteractive students can study while playing , because in lessons this they using imageand sound .

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  8. by learing CD interactive the teacher can encourage student to study. and with using CD interactive teacher more easy to give a matery and explaining lessons and students not teeling bored in lesons.
    and with this students better understand in lessons which uses image and sound

    nama : nurul huda
    prodi : S1 PGSD
    nim : 1286206097

  9. Nama : Tri Nurlela
    Nim :1286206113
    Prodi: S1 pgsd reg
    Tugas: Uts bahasa inggris
    Semester : V

    3. what lesson can you take from CD interactive to be applied in teaching English for elementary school?
    Jawaban: I can take lessons from an interactive cd and I can practice to the students . which corresponds the character of each child interested and like things that smell cartoons . with learning interactive cd can encourage ataub motivate students to be more active or studious . students were excited and a lot to learn by way of using the cd . and the teacher is not difficult to explain the material taught to his students.

    Examples: teachers will practice to students with a lesson using an interactive cd . and then the teacher explain the lesson to the students about the lesson in an interactive cd . then the teacher gives the students practice , then students are asked to step forward to fill the empty tables . and the teacher gives the conclusion of the lesson he explained earlier so that students can know and understand about the subject itself .

  10. Nama : Usmnita Anggrini
    Nim :1286206114
    Prodi :SI PGSD REG
    Tugas :UTS Bahasa Inggris
    Semester :V

    3. what lesson can you take from CD interactive to be applied in teaching English for elementary school?
    Jawab: we can teach and give the lesson . with simple interactive cd . then we can give a lesson and explain to the students about the pelalajaran . and also get to know more of this interactive CD learning can provide interesting lessons for students , fun and easy to understand for students. so students can understand and know the lessons that we provide and improve student achievement.

    Example: by introducing the names of animals and fruits to the students , then the teacher show or teach students by having students guess the vocabulary that is in the cd , and students to guess and set up properly.

  11. The lesson I can take from CD interactive to be applied in teaching English for Elementary Schoo is Helping ease the teacher to explain the subject matter , especially in learning English so that students can better understand the material described and also as a means to stimulate student interest in learning English.
    Examples: We can learn greetings in the morning, we use good morning,in the afternoon,we use good afternoon and the evening we use good evening.
    We can learn to spell alphabet in english and example.
    We can learn tools in the bedroom examples a bed,a pillow,a window,a door,etc.
    We can learn to spell numbers in english examples 1 we spell one,2 we spell two, 3 we spell three,etc.
    We can learn the name of fruit and number of fruit.the fruit spell sound vocal example apple we use an apple and the fruit sound consonant we use a example a mango.
    We can learn the name food.
    We can study to as job example ,
    We can learn the use there is and there are .
    We can use there is in singular noun, there are we use in plural noun.etc

  12. Nama : Zakia Fitri Yanti
    Prodi : S1 DGSD
    Nim : 1286206120

    Using media that draws us to improv the quality of learning and student motivation in learning a lesson learning material in english. And also with the personal communication approach is applied correctly an emotional approach and artistic approach to attract student attention.
    In interactive media, we can also make the student better understand the navigation is simple and like a moving picture as will as learning material are simple and easy to understand his.
    This interactive learning media is media that the media in effective learning companion contains elements of visual and audio visual with more moving in the preferred students.
    While the use of animation in every activity undertaken as jump,push,walk and so is one of the methods to make students more easily digest what is conveyed. Whith the us of this simple animation proved to have the appeal easy to understand by students.

  13. The lesson i can take fromthe interactive CD,i canteach english lessons with easy and attractive,and students easily understsnd the lesson and also fun.
    for exsample:in calculating the teaching lesson in english.
    So with no interactive CD thst students will easily understand if there is an interesing spectacle,and there are also english language pronunciation.automatically teacher hasmade a nice atmosphere and,the students a asily understand the lasson,and the lesson for students to proficiency level keeping in with the old.

  14. Nama : Wahyuni
    Nim : 1286206117
    Prodi : PGDS

    Learning that I can from this interactive CD is
    1. Learning while playing, from the statement that the interactive CD is very useful for the learning process. Because there are many things that can be learned and understood by children.
    2. Hearing . this method is very useful to stimulate the child to be able to pay attention to the teacher in the learning process.
    3. Reading.
    In this interactive CD reading should also be considered in the English language. With this method we get a lot of the learning process.
    Children will be easier to understand, comprehend, and remember the lesson. Children will not be bored, bored, sleepy, even children will be more eager to learn English.

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  16. Nama : Deni Wulandari
    Nim. : 1286206079

    Learning will be easy with interactive cd.Strategi learning the english using interactive cd can increase comprehension of students and make condition learning most delight and interactive.Students will given audio and visual media until students will interested for learn.Media learning interactive cd help the teacher when teaching.because tle lesson that willto till can see by students with prjector.

  17. Nama : Yogi Eka Prasetia
    NIM : 1286206155
    lessons learned from the interactive CD that is so special that simple lesson in his learning to be taught in primary school children, due to the implementation of an interactive CD on elementary school children can develop the skills children learn in the classroom.
    for example, singing lessons and math can be incorporated in the implementation of an interactive CD learning in the classroom.

  18. Nama : SRI WULAN
    Nim : 128620611
    with using an CD interactive learning process will be convenient. because in the CD interactive presentation of the subject matter in can shaped of voice, text and picture. This media can add charm and interest in student learning. with an CD interactive is expected to add to the spirit of student learning of subject matter. subject matter will be easier to understand if it is delivered through an CD interactive. with an CD interactive tool can be used as a means to help children master the subject matter quickly., fun and improve learning outcomes.
    for example, the teacher explains the subject matter of the names of fruit in English using interactive cd, cd in this interactive students will look at pictures of fruit, fruit names in English as well as voice or how to name the fruit in English.


    NIM : 1286206074

    by studying an interactive CD to facilitate students to understand the subject matter presented by guru.dapat create a learning atmosphere that is so much fun, so students do not feel tired to attend classes .Through interactive CD can also be to increase the motivation of students in the learning process, or it can foster the spirit learning on the students' understanding siswa.dengan quickly arrested or dimengerti.CD can interactively create a learning process that can attract the attention of students to create interactive belajar.CD will give you the willingness and ability of the students in the learning process takes place will go well and smoothly . The role of the teacher to make students more active and enterprising in learning by using a CD inetraktif.
    example: The teacher can recognize the images of animals to students by using interactive CD, with the familiar images of animals or animal names, students will be able to know all sorts of animal name using the English language to display the images in an interactive CD for students and teachers can tell students to name animals in English through interactive CD. By learning through a teacher using an interactive CD, Students will be easier to understand the subject matter presented.

  20. Nama : Irma Fhudla
    Prodi : S1 PGSD
    NIM : 1286206088

    My opinion is process study activity teach a involve student in activity, intellectual , and emotional , until student rights have a role and active inside make activity study.
    with use learning CD interactive yesterday , I can takje a lesson, because with use CD interactive can increase motivation student in follow lesson and optimize study activity. with use CD a purpose can increase quality instruction and learning. because childs age early more happy with see picture or media CD.
    Example :
    In both english remain with matter how to count ex ; 1 (one), 2(two), 3(three), 4(four), 5(five) etc, perform right the media in front of the class then send's son to do sums in accordance with who is in show in english.Because the pupil would prefer study by wearing a medium because there is a picture.

  21. In using the cd facilitate interactive learning students understand the words such as morning ,in the mood this morning could children ,not only that, son also can hear how pronunciation verb ,letters, or any numbers in english.

  22. That can i take lessons from the cd is -is interactive cd interactive children follow focus more english lessons that create interactive cd children are interested and what lessons curious about gurunya.dan submitted with interactive cd is more children.
    Quickly understood what had happened in the teacher explained , and the presence of an interactive CD also children more quickly understand the words and meanings of the word

  23. Nama : Sri wahyuni
    Nim :1286206110
    Prodi :S1 PGSD

    Interactive CD is very important to be used a means to help students learning. providing an atmosphere that is fun to play but still in learning, learning to use the interactive CD can enhance the understanding of students in independent study and is very easy to understand so as to increase student achievement.
    introducing vocabulary presented in the english language, children learn to understand sentences in the english language questions and teach student to be brave to speak english. it will get the training materials are always different, so students will not feel bored.
    For students to understand the basic concept of the general shape of each material ans student are expected to develop the abilities and training way of thinking in drawing conclusions.

    NIM : 1286 2061 02

    Lessons learned from the interactive CD which is that learning is a very good method to use. Because this method is very helpful in giving the material a teacher to students with regular, meaning that the material presented to students structured. And this method is also very useful for students that students can learn by watching and listening

    NIM : 1286206089
    JAWABAN : NO 3

    Lesson can me take from cd interakrif to that with cd interaktif motivation student’s lesson for and teacher to make easy give for lesson. For example Engage students in read-alouds. Students benefit from practicing oral reading as well as from hearing others engage in oral reading. When you read aloud with your students, do not use round-robin reading, or reading in which the reading responsibilities pass up and down rows. This method of reading has proved to be highly ineffective, according to the Scholastic website. Instead, rotate reading responsibilities randomly or select students in an unpredictable order.
    Use active listening as a teaching method to assist children who might not have the verbal skills needed to fully express themselves. Active listening is similar to sportscasting in that teachers describe activities and behaviors to children while they are performing the action. Active listening techniques also help during an exchange between students when feelings are not properly expressed. Not only does active listening assist with resolving conflict in the classroom, it aids in teaching by streaming directions and information to primary students.

    NIM : 1286206082
    Lessons can be taken from the Interactive CD to be applied preformance elementary teaching English is to adopt a model of innovative learning, and fun. Where in the interactive CD packaged learning materials presented in different forms, with pictures, sounds and moving images or cartoons can attract or facilitate children to learn. Through Intraktif CDs, children learn about the environment and absorb knowledge through what is seen and heard. Due to the senses of sight and hearing are the gateway entrance of science into the child.
    Through audio-visual media that involves the senses of sight and hearing will allow the child to receive the knowledge of vocabulary. Pronunciation of English (pronunciation) would also be better for the child to hear directly from the media. Material presented by Media Interactive Learning will provide an impression or moment thus ditanggap material will quickly and easily be remembered by the students through interactive CD will also create a fun learning atmosphere so that children do not get bored and will be more motivated to follow the learning process inggiris language.
    Examples: Understanding Objects, Numbers, Letters, and Forms

  27. One of the aspects that determine the success of teaching and learning is the selection of appropriate learning media . appropriate learning media can evoke motivation , desire interests, and stimulation to the students . So it can help understanding , the present data with interesting and reliable, facilitates the interpretation of the data , compressing information .
    Which can be taken from the interactive CD learning :
    1. Teaching is more attractive to students , so the motivation to learn .
    2. The teaching material is more vague , so as to master the learning objectives well .
    3. Teaching methods will vary .
    4. Students can more learning activities , such as observing , doing , demonstrate and others .
    5. Streamlining the aim to understand and remember information / messages contained in the image .
    6. Can accommodate students who are weak and slow to accept and understand the content presented in text or verbally .

  28. Nama : SRI INTAN
    Prodi ; S1 PGSD

    3. what lesson can you take from CD interactive to be applied in teaching english for elementary school ?
    Answer :

    The learning process is a series of communication between students and teachers. During this time the most to the learning process is still using conventional methods ( lectures ) . And the study result is less than optimal , it is necessary to address a more interesting learning media attention and interest of students in order to increase student learning outcomes .
    This interactive CD contains material , photos , video and sound to explain the contents of these materials may facilitate students in understanding and understand the material being discussed .through learning using CD media can Ineraktif to improve student learning outcomes . Interactive CD media can be used as an alternative model for learning in class to a more interesting and fun .

    NIM :1286206075
    Dosen:ARI SATRIA,MPd

    My opinion with the CD interactive learning,learning will easier.english language learning strategis using interactive CD can enhance children understanding and make learning more fun and interaktive. And with cd interaktif motivation student’s lesson for and teacher to make easy give for lesson. Using CD interaktive a purpose can increase quality instruction and learning. because childs age early more happy with see picture or media CD.

  30. Nama : SITI KHODIJAH
    Prodi ; S1 PGSD

    Lessons to be learned from interactive CD is to facilitate teachers in the learning process , with interactive cd pengajaranlebih attract the attention of students so as to foster motivation for learning, methods of teaching with interactive cd , varied and colorful so that students do not get tired to attend classes , and teachers do not run out of energy to teach .
    With the interactive cd at school does not need to produce the book . due to the interactive cd child / student is able to learn the material easily .
    teachers can explain lessons through interactive visualization cd .
    Interactive CD can contain video and interactive simulation of moving and so the teacher does not trouble to provide understanding to students .
    With this method we are so used to following the developing technology ,

  31. Nama ; veni ariani
    Prodi : s1 pgsd
    Nim : 1286206115

    Lessons that can be taken from and interactive cd to be applied in teaching English to children at school is basic to understand basic concepts, the general shape of each material and can develop the ability to solve problems and train the way of thinking and reasoning in drawing conclusions

  32. Nama : afni yulianti
    Nim : 1286206077
    Prodi : s1 pgsd
    Uts : methode englishs

    What lesson can do you take from CD interactive to be applied in teaching english for elementary school?................
    Lessons learned from the interaktive CD an elementary school teacher can apply the lessons that shaped vidio children can see first hand the images to be learned. The class began with one we can apply an images or vidio. Her example show the morning. Good morning .and children and teachers teach easily seen in english with interaktive vidio child can see and add child vocabulary.and in the second gradeof primary school teacher have started ti introduce the english language to the form of numbers and students in english, and could also be included in the sampel theree plus two pencil . then in the thild grade teacher canassign a name to the form of food and the students to guess the ficture in english and multuply vidio vocabulary with younger children remember lessons and a teacher should teach vocabulary give to children’s full attention vidio requested to be in teacher explained. Studen order to understand more and more active in learning

  33. Nama : neneng mardiana
    Nim : 1286206092
    By its nature, Interactive CD media has many advantages compared to media sharing. , Interactive CD media can make abstract concepts into concrete, it can also display the motion could be accelerated or slowed so more easily observed and can display the details of an object or a process, which makes the presentation of the lesson more interesting, not boring, so students are more active, easy and clear to understand the subject matter.
    Using Interactive CD Facilitate teachers in preparing and presenting course material, teaching time more efficiently, a new method gets better, get a tool that makes it easy to explain the concept, especially the concept that is difficult to explain with conventional teaching aids, teaching easier, the spirit and the results are satisfy.

  34. Nama : Rudi Ardilis
    Nim : 1298209784
    Prodi : S1 Pgsd Smester (V)

    With the interactive cd in elementary school do not need to produce the book. due to the interactive cd child / student is able to learn the material easily. teachers can explain lessons through interactive visualization cd. Interactive CD can contain video and interactive simulation of moving and so the teacher does not trouble to provide understanding to students. With this method we are so used to following the developing technology, so that students are not clueless.

  35. Namaa ; MELI LESTARI
    Prodi ; S1 PGSD
    Nim : 1286206091

    help students improve learning motivation and to improve learning outcomes in accordance with its intended purpose . To help students to better understand the learning material and can apply it in their daily life in developing interactive CD haripenggunaan mediapembelajaran English subjects showed encouraging results . This is evidenced by the increasing value of learning outcomes .
    One reason for the use of interactive CD media because of the tendency of children today love to play gameslewat computer . The use of interactive CD as a medium of learning can play while learning . The majority of students today prefer to spend time with his favorite cartoon watching videos or playing computer games rather than learning . To work around this interactive CD -based media is used animation to stimulate students' learning activities . Interactive CD media is one medium that attracted the attention of students in the learning process


    NIM : 1286206099

    by studying the CD , I can figure out how to teach using interactive CD as a teacher must understand the material that will be presented to the students, so that students better understand the material. This interactive CD is an exciting presentation of the material for the children , because of its play and learn . and using this media , attracted the attention of the instructor will be able to motivate learners to learn, to facilitate the learning process , improve the efficiency of the learning process .

  37. Nama : Syafrizal
    Nim : 1286206112
    Dengen use the Interactive CD in elementary school , learning will become easier . English Learning Strategy Articles using CD Interactive Children can improve understanding as much as 30 % and this make learning more fun and interactive . Children will be served New Articles Media Audio and visual so that children will be more interested in using the Learning Pages Interactive Learning CD .

  38. I can take lessons from an interactive cd in teaching, namely the importance of interactive learning for improving the quality of technology-based learning and information, it has become an urgent need for an increased ability to package designing interactive cd various learning materials.
    that instructional media such as interactive CD is needed by teachers in teaching and interactive cd also has an important role in the learning process.
    using an interactive cd in teaching, allows teachers to explain the subject matter to their students. in addition to their interactive cd students become more eager to learn and do not create an atmosphere of learning becomes boring. because the learning process will be more attractive to students. so as to motivate learning. besides the study material will be vague So that can be understood by students and enable them to master and achieve learning objectives and methods of teaching will be more varied, not solely verbal communication through the narrative of words by the teacher.
    so that students do not get bored and the teacher does not run out of steam, especially when teachers teach in every class hours, but it can be more students learning activities because not only listen to descriptions of teachers, but also other activities such as observing, doing, demonstrate, plays and other .
    thus necessary to the training of computer-based interactive multimedia production for teachers who do not understand about the interactive cd


    The lesson I can take from its use interative cd that is, the use of cd interative learning materials that will be conveyed by becoming more neatly arranged, in the use of this interative cd teacher does not need to bother to explain the material to be learned to the students, because at this interative cd already described all of the material, here the concentration and understanding of the material in the saw and listened very needed by the student, the student in this interative cd'm more independent learning by understanding the images and sounds that play it.
    Through this interative cd which will be seen students really pay attention to and which ones are not. When the cd in a teacher despite rotate control, and supervise each student who is noticed that in the interative cd spinned by the teacher.
    Example: Getting to know the number or say in English, using interative cd that number will be displayed and mentioned pronunciation in English.

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  41. Nama : Reni Okvia
    NIM : 1286206101
    Prodi/semester : PGSD/V

    Lessons can I take from CD interactive to be applied in teaching english for elementary school is help teachers to explaint learning materials with very fast, fun and improved learning outcomes, because because in the CD Interactive can contain audio and visual.
    With applied the learning strategies through this CD interactive their audio and video allows an interactive visualization of the subject matter will be easily delivered by teachers and will be readily accepted by the student and student will be more active because students can to listen, hear, see and write and can pronounce the words correctly. User (teachers and students) will automatically follow the changes in technology,
    example the introduction of the material shapes, numbers, letters, limbs, and colors in a fun way and delivered with interesting animation, interactive, then your child will be able to master the material quickly and easily.

      UTS:Bahasa Inggris
      Dosen:ARI SATRIA,MPd

      My opinion with Cd interaktive Make it easy for teachers to convey information to learners because in the Interactive CD can contain video and simulated moving. Conserve book production ,Maximum use of technology ,easily disseminated ,Simple and does not take up much space

    UTS:Bahasa Inggris
    Dosen:ARI SATRIA,MPd

    With cd interaktive teacher can assist teachers in presenting the material with good English and do not make children bored and cd Interaktive can display directly the material such as sound, images, and others.and as a means of tools to help children master an instructional or educational materials to be fast, fun, and improve learning outcomes.

    NIM : 1286206078

    By way of a teaching that my very interesting to apply to children in here can SD.selain make elementary school children to learn with enthusiasm. The children were able to learn in different ways and certainly not fast elementary school children feel dissatisfied and bored. Furthermore, the teacher's role here is just a little explaining, while some of the material and examples are available on the interactive CD. The Interactive CD such already seen how to learn to use the numbers in English, for example, a banana was 4 and in select with some numbers in English and then match it with how many children a banana.
    Then in Sina also described how utter numbers 1-16 with English sentences, for example, allow teachers or for children who want to pronounce English words that properly.
    The next example of the introduction of advanced forms of image, there at work introduced some form of image, choose the image that are pronounced in these explanations, preparing forms and then match the object back into the picture, and then fill in the picture also fits into the in the english language. next to the child should be able to listen to anything any conveyed to the teacher if a teacher asks a student she could quickly answer correctly. and teachers must also explain what are the material of the CD such, then the teacher should have to approach to his pupils. example, ask if the children already know or ask the students who do not understand that explained back so that the learning process is effective. after the teacher felt it conveyed the material well and properly, then the children were students already understand. then, teachers can close the learning.
    Her conclusion I think a teacher should use the lessons that he considers important in terms of the learning process as long as a teacher can deliver the learning materials appropriately and correctly.

    NIM : 1286206090

    Problem :
    What lesson can you take from CD interactive to be applied in teaching English for Elementary school ?

    Answer :
    If the not on the learning process , students will be more interested in a presentation of the material that is more communicative an fun . The material is conveyed through the medium of an teractive CD learning , will give an impression or moment , so the material will be quick in response and easy to remember by the student.
    For example :
    In learning MATHEMATICS
    In this lesson we can teach students , the material numbers with English introduction . As the interactive CD , a teacher just click on the numbers and come out sound in English ( figure 1= one , 2= two , 3= three , and so on ) . So that students are better at remembering the lesson in the show with an attractive appearance .
    This interactive CD learning can display all the learning materials in primary schools . Applying all learning materials using this interactive CD is very easy . This interactive means “ learning to play while learning “.


Thank You