Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012


L2 Writing CALL or Language Learning Writing and CALL

In the L2 writing was have two main approaches, such as writing as a product and a process. Writing as a product focuses on sentence form. Writing as a process focuses on process done in writing, such as strategies and working draft
CALL applications
In CALL process, many stages that must be paid attention, like prewriting, composing or drafting, revising or editing, and publishing. The general applications can be seen at peer review in LAN
There are advantages of L2 writing and CALL:
*      Students centre, give the same opportunities to each students practices, provides discussion time,
*      Make the students feel comfortable during the lesson and
*      Can be followed for everyone and every type of students
*      Increase students speaking, because they can use English as their necessity
*      Give the students to use long utterance because they have time to discuss what they think in
Beside that, there are some problems that should be anticipated:
Ø  Students have different style in learning
Ø  More speaking or quantity of speaking can not be measurement to correct speaking
Ø  Students ignore grammar
Ø  There is no art in speaking because everyone allowed sharing and speaking freely
Ø  Too less serious in speaking
Ø  Creating confuse because there is no rule in speaking time
The solutions that may be done in avoiding and solving the problems are:
v  Create a whole class conference, so that the students can share ideas together
v  Create smaller group conference, in which the students can build their own opinion

by Ari Satria
Education Journal