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Drama Si Pitung dalam Bahasa Inggris

Long time ago.When Dutch attack Batavia live master of fighting named pitung.Pitung always suicide himself to poor people.One day these are 2 dutch skipper with their guard request day allotment in impress market.

Van Houten              : Where’s my day allotment ?
Ntong                      : sorry ,mr skipper.I don’t have enough money today,not my stuff are sale.
Van To Feel             : no excuse,today you must give me the money.
Big Dicky                 : do you want I destroy your stuff ?
Van Houten              : Come On destroy his stuff imidiately !
Then when the guard will destroy the stuff,suddenly come on old man with sexy beard,and says . . . .
Siefu                       : hey,don’t do that to poor people.
Van Houten              : Who Are You ?
Siefu                       : My name is Siefu.Hey Big Guard.If you want to destroy that man stuff,you must beat me
                                First if you can !
Van Houten              : Hey you,my guard is more strong then you Old man.Im sure he can beat you with one
                                Hand !
Siefu                       : Oh come on show me I don’t scare
Van Houten              : Guard , Show him you power . Go !
Then happen a big battle between siefu and the guard.And easily siefu beat the guard,but Van Houten shoot seifu until he died.See that tragedy otong and entong tell to pitung

Big Dicky                 : OK . Sir !

Otong and eNtong    : Brother pitung !
Pitung                     : Why ? what happen ? why your face like that ?
Otong and eNtong    : Master Siefu is been kill by dutch.The dutch shoot master siefu until he die.
Pitung                     : are you sure ?
Otong and eNtong    : Absolutely , master siefu try to suicide us but unfortunately the dutch kill him first.
Pitung                     : Oh My God ! I will revenge this to the dutch
The day after,Marie Claire walking around the village with her guard Big Dicky.the when he passed coffe stall.He seen a handsome guy,the handsome guy is pitung and suddenly marie Claire love at first sight with pitung


Marie                      : ih wow , that man is so cute .
Big Dicky                 : Where ?
Marie                      : that man who drink coffe and wear black dress.
Big Dicky                 : Oh that pitung,he’s a hero in this village and also your daddy big enemy.
Marie                      : I don’t care about that ,I Love him
The marie tell about this to her daddy.

Marie                      : Daddy !
Van Houten              : What the matter darling ?
Marie                      : Im Falling in love Baby .
Van Houten              : With Who darling ?
Marie                      : With pitung daddy.He’s so cute .
Van Houten              : What ? Pitung ? , I don’t want you fall in love with him,because daddy don’t like him.He’s
                                Daddy big enemy !
Marie                      : I hate Daddy , ,
Then Van Houten is try to find a way to make his daughter hate pitung then he call Van To fell to find a strategy
Van Houten              : Van To Fell come here,I want discussion something with you .
Van To Feel             : Ok sir !
Van Houten              : do you know  a way to make marie hate pitung and to kill pitung ?
Van To Feel             : I have sir ! actually . I think about this plan for a along time.
Van Houten              : What’s that ?
Van To Feel             : First, for attract pitung to come to our castle, we kidnap pitung girl friend maesaroh.And sir
                                Yesterday our secret agen come to siefu house and found secret book.In that book tell,
                                Pitung weakness,and one pitung weakness is “ GOLD BULLET “
Van Houten              : Okay you are very top. Tomorrow we do this plan.
Then,that plan is began.When maghrib the guard , Big Dicky Kidnap maesaroh

Big Dicky                 : Hey , maesaroh. Im gonna catch you !
Maesaroh                : hah , who are you ? pitung . . . help me baby
Big Dicky                 : don’t talk to much, come on !
Maesaroh                : ahhh, I hate you , you are bad guy and pitung my lovely boy friend is gonna kill you.
In Van Houten Castle

Big Dicky                 : I don’t scared ah . . ha . . ha . . ha . . ah
Van Houten              : Marie Claire darling come here !
Marie Claire             : Whats the matter daddy ?
Van Houten              : Do you know this girl marie ?
Marie Claire             : Who’s daddy ? I don’t know
Van Houten              : This is maesaroh,she is pitung girl friend
Marie Claire             : What ? I don’t believe it, I’m shock.I hate pitung.Daddy please kill pitung for me !
On the morning in pitung house,he found a memo
Van Houten              : ok , if that you want darling. Ha ha ha ha

Immiadely,pitung is come to Van Houten Big Castle.Pitung beat all the guard with empty hand and his fighting knowledge the he save maesaroh.But Van Houten didn’t know because Van Houten is Sleep.
Pitung                     : Dutch bastard.Im Gonna kill them.

Pitung                     : maesaroh my lovely,are you okay ?
Maesaroh                : yes pitung im okay,but im very scared pitung,honey thank you for saving me.
Maesaroh and pitung is hug for along time but suddenly marie claire coming and saw them,marie is very jealous and angry the he splash pitung and yell
Pitung                     : That’s my job darling .

Van houten is wake up because marie yelling.He take his gun the put the golden bullet in to his gun
Marie Claire             : DADDY KILL THEM !

Then happen a big battle but van to feel and big dicky is easily kill by pitung but immediately Van Houten shoot pitung with golden bullet.And Pitung Die,after hear that tragedy people on Batavia are very angry on attack Batavia until dutch give up and leave Batavia.until Batavia peacful
Van Houten              : Van To Feel , Big Dicky come here and kill the NOW !

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