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English For Secretary

1.      How to make success in your career according to Jill Speagell
→ Success in career according to Jill Speagell are :
·         The hidden keys to self-motivation
·         Inspire success in others
·         How to make others instantly believe in you
·         The secrets to building rapport
·         How to exude confidence
·         Use positive thinking to reach your goals
·         Live each moment with spirit and energy much more
·         Embrace humor as a communication tool

2.      Make the definition of secretary based on expert
→ The definition of secretary based on expert are :
·         A secretary is a person who keeps records,takes notes and handles general clerical work ; the head of a department of government ; a managerial or leading position in certain non-profit organizations, such as political parties, trade unions, international organizations.
·         A secretary is a person who is employed to help in an office.
·         Secretary is a person who is head of an administrative department of government
·         A secretary is either an administrative assistant in business office administration,or a certain type of mid- or high-level governmental position,such as a Secretary of State.
·         Secretary is an assistant who handles correspondence and clerical work for a boss or an organization.

3.      What are the differenciate between gesture and body language
→ The differenciate between gesture and body language
Gesture are :
·         The use of movements (especially of the hands) to communicate familiar or prearranged signals
·         Any action done with any part of the body not taking the weight
·         Motion of hands or body to emphasize or help to express a thought or feeling

Body language :
·         Body language is a term for communication using body movements or gestures instead of,or in addition to,sounds,verbal language or other communication.
·         Using one’s body to express oneself
·         The gestures and mannerisms by which a person communicates with others
·         Body language refers to any kind of bodily movement or posture, including facial expression, which transmits a message to the observer.
·         Communication via the movements or attitudes of the body

4.      Explain about the performance of secretary
→ A performance of secretary is process or manner of secretary performing that they should have.Like healthy,appearances and body language.A good secretary needs skills to succeed in the world of work.The fundamental purpose is to encourage a high performance economy characterized by high skill,high-wage employment.A high performance workplacerequires workers who have in the basic literacy and computational skills,in this thinking skills necessary to puut knowledge to work,and in the personal qualities that make workers dedicated and trustworthy.

5.      Explain about kinds of secretary

6.      As a secretary should posses
a.       Secretarial background
b.      A pleasant personality

7.      What the differenciate between etiqutte and ethic
→ Etiqutte :
·          Etiquette is nothing more then social codes determining politeness in a given situation.
·         Conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.
·         Etiquette is all about manners, knowing how to sit at table and handle your knife and fork, being polite, thank you letters, acts of kindness, keeping one's mouth shut at the appropriate time, knowing to dress appropriately for the occasion, etc.
Ethic :
·         The moral guidelines around which a society bases its values.
·         A moral conscious awareness based upon personal beliefs.
·         Ethics is all about not hurting another human being knowingly.

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